Luke’s Diner

In the diner they met

yin and yang

A java junkie relationship

Sweet and sour

Didn’t think they would go so far

Stars filled this hollow man’s heart

Their bullet repartes were a ballet of sorts

But come April they became fools

I threw my TV too

Alas! Atlast!

They made hay when the spring shone

A person they could call their own.

Almost Love

By Naveena Pradeep

Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

A routine that crept onto me without consent
Thoughts about you.
I chose relentlessly, to forget
To make you disappear
But every word you utter gets etched in my mind
With invisible ink , deep in my conscience
I fought to keep you apart
To not let you in
You didn’t seek permission nor did you barge in
Quietly, you sat there with nothing to say
A love that’s almost there , almost lost

I carefully craft my words
Love breathes between these lines
the words I did not voice
In silence I cradle my feelings
From the corner of my eye
I can see you glimpse
With caution from afar
Scared to make a choice
Then like cowards, we both retreat
Hypocrites , we are
Give away the chances to destiny and fate we don’t believe.

Bali Beautiful Bali

Our favourite Travel photographer aka Rajeshwari is back with a Bang! Here are a few exquisite photos she has shared from her trip to Bali, late last year. Hope you all enjoy them! Slideshow available at the bottom of this post.


The highlight of the cove and the reason it is called Broken Beach is due to the archway that wraps around the bay allowing water to flow in and out from the ocean. Broken things have their own beauty.




Kelingking ‘T-Rex’ Beach. Some place you can actually save up your hard earned money and go visit this paradise. There is no word which describes this place.




Bali is more than a place…it’s a mood, it’s magical. It’s a tropical state of mind.




“Bali is the sort of place where you can walk down the street and find something picturesque” – Henry Golding.




Don’t worry, beach happy 😛




Meat Decker with Potato wedges, Pink Meloni



Fish and chips, Mie Goreng , pesto in fish oil.



Bali is one of the few cultures with origins in one of the great ancient cultures which is still alive.



KOPI Luwank Coffee- the most expensive coffee in the world.



Best way to start the day, this floating breakfast.



Join us at Sunday Best Meme

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A close friend of mine Rajeshwari Patil Aka Raju recently visited the United States. Since she is an amazing photographer and a die hard foodie I knew she would have taken brilliant snaps to justify an entire blog post. The results are for you to see below. Slideshow has been added in the bottom for those who want to soothe their eyes. Happy weekend guys!



Good Morning America!



I came I ate I conquered,


I would miss the greatest sunsets for one view of the New York’s Skyline


This Ghirardelli chocolate heavenly is a cure to all yours moods.


Aren’t we all children of Liberty?


Claw Clowder. I wanna go back to restaurant to have one more !!!!


(Seafood Tortellini).  utterly delicious cheesy pesto
(Prawns Scampi)  Butter brown rice with prawns dipped sour coriander broth


Bagel! Bagel! There is better way to start a day other than a delicious American breakfast


Life’s easier when we learn to build strong bridges and let the water flow below.


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This is US

Judgmental Anonymous

By Anonymous

Sharing a horrid anecdote which happened to my friend in one of the courts of the Capital of India.


I have been working as an advocate in Delhi for nearly two years now. To say that it has been a tough journey would be a gross understatement. I have faced prejudice in courts because I am a woman, been told by some colleagues in court that litigation is not for women, however, I let nothing deter me because I know, somewhere, another woman has it worse than me.


However, something I faced recently has disturbed me a lot. It was a happy Monday morning and I reached Saket District Court to appear for a defendant in a money recovery suit. What I had expected to be an ordinary, uneventful day turned out to be one of the most disturbing days of my life.


Sitting in one corner of the room, waiting for my case to be called out, my hair tied in a bun became a little loose. Almost instinctively, I tied up my hair again within 5 seconds maybe. Suddenly, I see the Senior Civil Judge and the court clerk calling me to the front. Now, I was made to stand in the centreof the Courtroom, like a criminal and told, “Madam do you think this is a place to do a hair styling?” I was shocked and outraged and responded, “Your Lordship I was not styling my hair here.” I was met with a threat here, “Oh really, I have cameras in the courtroom, do you want me to show you?”. I was baffled and had no idea how to respond. I was then explained that I should leave the courtroom, and go the washroom if I wish to tie my hair. Is it wrong to think that it’s outrageous, demeaning and harassment?


And it did not end here. 


The lawyer whose case was actually being heard before the judge so kindly decided to give me all his attention, sought to intervene. He said to me, “Sorry bol do”. Before I could respond, this Judge begins conversing with the lawyer, “VakilSahab, ye poore baal sahi kar rahi thi apne.” Yes, I was a subject of discussion with a third party in a courtroom, while I was present in the courtroom. And no, I was not combing my hair in the middle of the courtroom. Who knew, a simple act of tying my hair could become the highlight of my day.


I have given this deep thought. I wonder is this the kind of safe space, we are offering young girls, perhaps, who have fought to reach here. Should women always be conscious that their actions do not offend a man in the room? 


And assuming that “my conduct” was unprofessional and wrong, was it appropriate to call me to the centre of the courtroom and make fun of me and embarrass me to satisfy his own superiority complex? If “my conduct” offended him so much, couldn’t this be handled a little discreetly? Was it important to make a show of it?


In a country, where the judicial pendency is only growing, a judge finds it within his wisdom to spend 15 minutes arguing with a young counsel for tying her hair in one corner of the courtroom.


And to wonder, what is the kind of justice that one would get from a judge who is more concerned looking all around his courtroom rather than paying attention to the advocate arguing a case before him.

Au Revoir


By WordWomit

You promised me

through thick and thin

Blood and milk

and I munched your horseshit how,

I can’t get the mud of my new shoes

It plasters the path I walk through

A pavement of shame

Yet I still seem to be thanking you


for once how things were

between me & you

between now and then

I play the reel over and over again.

Hey it happened once

Why cannot it happen again?


Yes I am the one who cut the cord

It was either that or be  swallowed up

by the ground beneath my feet

which you once shook

like a greek god.




All I can say is

Au Revoir!



By WordWomit786169

An itch in my throat

An unorganic growth.

Dusting the cobwebs

One line a time.

Criticism veiled as concern

An emotional abuse guruji

Gaslighting my victories

And highlighting my losses.

Sneaky petes and flirty james

Are far better

Than your conniving misogyny

Extract what you may

You Sucked my zeal out

Now I have no gas to give

No voice to sing

you strangle me with your sting

Now I’m the bird who traded her wing

For a  finger and a silly ring.



The Sweet Freedom of Love



If I inspire you to breathe, can I inspire you to see?

If I inspire you to see, can I inspire you to sing?

If I inspire you to sing, can I inspire you to dance?

If I inspire you to dance, can I inspire you to laugh?

If I inspire you to laugh, Can I inspire you to love?

If I inspire you to love, Can I inspire you to be?

If I inspire you to be, Can we be?

If we be, Can it become us?

If it becomes us, You & I will cease to exist.

By Anonymous