Au Revoir


By WordWomit

You promised me

through thick and thin

Blood and milk

and I munched your horseshit how,

I can’t get the mud of my new shoes

It plasters the path I walk through

A pavement of shame

Yet I still seem to be thanking you


for once how things were

between me & you

between now and then

I play the reel over and over again.

Hey it happened once

Why cannot it happen again?


Yes I am the one who cut the cord

It was either that or be  swallowed up

by the ground beneath my feet

which you once shook

like a greek god.




All I can say is

Au Revoir!




By WordWomit786169

An itch in my throat

An unorganic growth.

Dusting the cobwebs

One line a time.

Criticism veiled as concern

An emotional abuse guruji

Gaslighting my victories

And highlighting my losses.

Sneaky petes and flirty james

Are far better

Than your conniving misogyny

Extract what you may

You Sucked my zeal out

Now I have no gas to give

No voice to sing

you strangle me with your sting

Now I’m the bird who traded her wing

For a  finger and a silly ring.



The Sweet Freedom of Love



If I inspire you to breathe, can I inspire you to see?

If I inspire you to see, can I inspire you to sing?

If I inspire you to sing, can I inspire you to dance?

If I inspire you to dance, can I inspire you to laugh?

If I inspire you to laugh, Can I inspire you to love?

If I inspire you to love, Can I inspire you to be?

If I inspire you to be, Can we be?

If we be, Can it become us?

If it becomes us, You & I will cease to exist.

By Anonymous




You just want that loud blaring noise to stop

Maybe from  outside

Maybe from inside

But sometimes

What you want to stop

is that deafening silence

Wracking your nerves

And pray for that comfortable threshold


You want all the surveillance to stop

Big Brother NO.


Please don’t pay attention

It will really fetch you nothing

But sometimes

Just sometimes

You worry that if  people don’t see you enough

You slowly fade away into

The great nothingness


And sometimes

You  just wanna stop the countdown

and just start living up to that potential

 that everyone but you keeps talking about

Who are these everyone anyways?

Actual people


Internalized social consciousness

Programmed on to us

From time immemorial?

Does it matter anyway?

Just sometimes

When the fan hits the shit

Beneath the well

In  a place called

Rock bottom.


Unhappy days

By WordWomit

Hi. This is WordWomit here . I thank Devil’s Paradise for providing me a platform. I plan to share more of my work with y’all soon. This is partly inspired by ‘unhappy refrain’ in Imaginary garden with Real Toads and partly inspired by my shitty mood.


Fuck this shit

Writing or typing

Does it really matter

When I can nail the words

And make it shatter.

‘Content’ is a bad word

Words stripped naked of their beauty

Clinically laid out for all to see.

All this war for words

Is just misplaced anger

Like most wars are anyways.


Someone poured cement inside me

I cannot move at all

And that doesn’t stop me from shouting

And yelling and brawling and crawling.

I wanna yank myself out

One piece at a time?

The more I struggle

More I get strangled

What is this weird feeling in my stomach?

Trepidation that sits about as well as turpentine.

A sense of hopelessness building to a crescendo

And makes me punch my hand through many a walls.

This unclarity is only a given

And the reactions to it more so

Still the feeling persists

And make me sea sick.

I would puke and be done with it

But I drank no water hey.

Will this go away

Or will I fade  away

Only to awaken

When the lights don’t come again.



Steady waves unfurl in

the oceans of unconscious

The mind twirls the soul

and the soul comes to moan

Dark waters

Black matter

Yet all I see is the Inkblot splatter


Why is my well so toxic

I worry my Freudian wonders

Our lobes are continents

which we fail to explore

afraid what more adorns

this reservoir of repressed thoughts and emotions

Oh! Who would want to sail this darned ocean?

Thought no explorer ever.


By Anonymous


She appeared on the hallways of my dream

Like the trusted friend she once was,

Outside our school auditorium she held me

All at once with her gentle yet solid embrace.

We were back once again

As ‘best friends forever’

However childish it was

I knew that she was in my corner always

She took that belief along with her

When she left me stranded

In this island of strangers

And sailed away to la la land

On her brand new friend ship.

But in that illusory moment

Conjured up in my head

Thanks to some residual memory

All that was broken is fixed

And things unsaid didn’t need to be said

She anchored me to earth again.


The contributor wishes to remain anonymous but she would really love honest feedback for her work! 

By Anonymous  

Hi all! Thank you for the overwhelming response for the previous post which was written by a budding authoress. Now we share with you original photography submitted by a veteran photographer who is just insanely shy to share her work anywhere. So please leave honest feedback in the comments or our inbox ( see the contact column). It is highly appreciated!

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