For the worse

 By Naveena Pradeep


I have seen the world at peace,

I have seen the way it is

Watched it through my eyes

Moving round at ease.

People change as its moving

Stop loving each other

No one likes to stay

They’re no more together

As they try and look for shortcuts

To reach heaven in the worst ways

Each one of them going nuts

As they’re playing part in the play

May it cost a big fortune

Even then, they’ll reach the moon

Just to buy a piece of it

So as to call it their own .

Wonder, to think there was a time

Or could it have been just a dream

The earth and every regular sight

Every life use to glitter as the lights

Have become things I can see nomore.

Like a page in a book, somebody tore.

Good among evil grows

As a rainbow that comes and goes

Foes among your closest friends,

Has become humans latest trend.

Always singing the same verse

Continuing with the same old curse

But people keep changing for the worse.