You just want that loud blaring noise to stop

Maybe from  outside

Maybe from inside

But sometimes

What you want to stop

is that deafening silence

Wracking your nerves

And pray for that comfortable threshold


You want all the surveillance to stop

Big Brother NO.


Please don’t pay attention

It will really fetch you nothing

But sometimes

Just sometimes

You worry that if  people don’t see you enough

You slowly fade away into

The great nothingness


And sometimes

You  just wanna stop the countdown

and just start living up to that potential

 that everyone but you keeps talking about

Who are these everyone anyways?

Actual people


Internalized social consciousness

Programmed on to us

From time immemorial?

Does it matter anyway?

Just sometimes

When the fan hits the shit

Beneath the well

In  a place called

Rock bottom.



18 thoughts on “Some

  1. It is very important to be ourselves and not moulded characters that others (them) want us to be. However I feel our numbers are falling as we slowly get added to the giant cogs of oppression. It is good you have noticed!


  2. This seems to me quite self reflective. Sometimes too much noise. Sometimes too much silence. And sometimes a person wonders about that ‘great nothingness’ which often seems rampant in the world. Powerful writing.

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  3. We do need those moments of absolute quiet so we can get to the heart of things some times. The trouble is sometimes what’s there can be disquieting to contemplate, and we run back to fill that space with noise again.

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  4. You have captured the inner monologue so well – the feeling of invisibility as opposed to too many Others, the inner silence or “internalized social consciousness”. We are our own harshest critics. So well done.

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  5. kaykuala

    You want all the surveillance to stop
    Big Brother NO.

    One should not succumb to others interfering with our lives! They will not stop on their own. One must show a resistance to avoid bullying!



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